Selling a Home Using Online Methods


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Selling a Home Using Online Methods

Here are some important tips to consider if you want to sell your house online. I’ve been selling houses online since the internet began, so over the years I’ve collected a quite a few ideas to attract buyers online to get my houses sold.

Craigslist is the first website I’d like to discuss because it’s very popular, and sellers usually consider it first when they get ready to market a house online. It’s undoubtedly a tremendous resource if you live in one of the specific geographic areas, primarily metropolitan areas. But if you live in a rural area your posting probably won’t get as much traffic on Craigslist, though it’s certainly the best place to sell your house in a major city. If you live in the country you may find it necessary to reach out and get more creative to sell your house online.

The majority of my experience in buying and selling houses as an investor comes from my investments in metropolitan areas. But I have owned property in the county, too, so my advice to rural sellers is to check websites for local radio stations, TV stations, utility coops and other forums where rural homeowners post online. You might be surprised to find out that there is a version of your local weekly shopper posted online, and you might also discover that placing an ad on the online version is free with or without a paid ad in the printed shopper. There are options for placing free classified ads online in all areas of the county, you just have to get online and check it out.

If it works for you, inquire with churches in your area about placing a notice on in their Sunday church programs, and their websites, offering a donation if anyone in the congregation buys your house from a free notice. Some churches actually sell space in their programs. This is a good marketing possibility to get the attention of people in the area where your house is located.

Getting your photos and information out there online for all to see is what’s important when want to sell your house yourself. City dwellers usually have more opportunities available to sell online. As I mentioned before, radio and TV stations very often have online classified ads, and that is one of the best options to explore when you want to sell your home online, wherever your house is located.

I like to make my ads read like a news story, and this is one way I do it: I plan and place an ad for an open house, with the addition of some items I’ll have for sale that day. I actually list some of the better items for sale, and that way it sounds a bit like a combination open house and yard sale, where you can even offer refreshments, too. This kind of classified ad gets traffic to drive by and to stop by, which is your first goal in the process of finding a buyer when you sell a house online.

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